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Detroit Lions Game Food, Drinks, and the Gear You Need to Have a Sunday Fun-day!

Stay Hydrated

While the players on the field have a water bottle manager, the rest of us have to keep our hydration up through the yelling and the tears that playoff football brings out. Head to Mason and check out Michigan Barn Wood & Salvage to find custom Lions tumblers! 

Look Good While Watching

Ink Detroit is a Michigan based apparel company that was established in 2005 – and their Detroit Football Collection is a great way to be the only person in the room with the coolest shirt on the market. Oh, and they do curbside pick up at their Hazel Park store! Another great option is Three Thirteen on Detroit’s Avenue of Fashion – with their unique style of Lions gear, you can’t go wrong! For those who prefer a more formal attire, The Peacock Room in Detroit has Honolulu Blue dresses ready for glitz and glam. 

Eats and Drinks

It wouldn’t be a Detroit Lions game without snacking on Better Made chips, sipping on a Vernor’s or maybe a Michigan-made beer. For dessert, we highly recommend Blue Moon ice cream – our favorite being from Washtenaw Dairy! If you are looking for a true-blue Detroit staple, head to Grandy’s Coney Island for a taste of Motown’s best coney dog. 

Last-Minute Party Planning

There’s nothing more Michigan than a Meijer (we’re not including the ‘s because we know it’s wrong, even though it feels right!) run a few minutes before a party starts! If you find yourself in the aisle of Meijer (or your local Michigan grocer!), don’t be afraid to grab an Arctic Sun or Jazzin’ Blueberry Faygo

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