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Why get involved?

Did you know, if Michiganders redirected 10% of their estimated $33.8 billion in out-of-state e-commerce, Michigan would gain $2.4 billion in gross economic output. Imagine what this could do to your business!

 The Buy Nearby campaign promotes Michigan retail businesses and educates consumers on why it’s so vital to
keep our shopping dollars in Michigan.

The Buy Nearby program was created by the Michigan Retailers Association in 2013.

Buy Nearby Media Kit

Buy Nearby Media Kit

Download social media banners, images, posters, and sample posts for your sites and store.

Request Buy Nearby Guy

Request Buy Nearby Guy

Buy Nearby Guy travels around the state visiting multiple festivals, business expos, farmers’ markets and parades all year round!

Buy Nearby: 6 Ideas To Encourage A Shop-local Culture

Buy Nearby: 6 ideas to encourage a shop-local culture

Here are some ideas to get your wheels turning!

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