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5 MORE easy ways to support Michigan & Buy Nearby in 2017

It takes one purchase to support your community. Buy Nearby in 2017.

1. Visit a nearby museum
Expand your knowledge and learn more about our past at a nearby museum. Bring the kids for the perfect history lesson. For an exhibit near you, visit these links:

Southeast Michigan
The Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation, Dearborn
Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit

Northern Michigan
Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum, Paradise

West Michigan
Air Zoo Museum, Portage
Grand Rapids Public Museum, Grand Rapids 

East Michigan
USS Edson/Saginaw Valley Naval Ship Museum, Bay City

2. Throw the perfect party
Attention all you party people: gather your family and friends, it’s time to celebrate! You can throw a party for anything, so get creative! We’d love to hear what you’re celebrating.

For example: Birthday, anniversary, engagement, pup-birthday, new job, it’s a nice night out, you’ve been busy at work, etc.

P.S. – Don’t forget the balloons.

3. Share Michigan-made gifts
Retailers across Michigan have #MichiganMade gifts and goods lining the store shelves. We Michiganders are proud of where we come from and love showing our friends the hottest new gifts.

4. Hit up a sporting event
From professional all the way down to little league, chances are you won’t strike out looking for a game to attend. Grab a popcorn, a hotdog and an ice cream cone and take yourself to the ball game.

If you can’t make it to the field or stadium, cheer your team on at a local pub!

5. Work on your health
Feeling stressed, looking to lose a few lbs. or simply want to eat healthier? Look no further than a nearby retailer! Yoga studios, gyms and health food markets are all over the map!

Want to relax after a big workout? Try a massage or spa treatment.

Let us know how you support Michigan one purchase at a time. You could be featured on our social media.

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