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Five must-visit Michigan brunch spots

Enjoy a mimosa and support our state’s economy all in one leisurely morning! These restaurants’ brunch specials are some of the best in the Mitten, and we’ve got the photos to prove it. Scroll down and explore what these Michigan spots are dishing up, but beware — you might get hungry. 


The Crow’s Nest/ Kalamazoo

Open seven days a week – 24 hours on the weekend – and with the most expensive item priced at $12, this brunch spot is ideal for binging on a budget. Another perk? The Crow’s Nest uses only fresh and local ingredients. The bread and coffee are baked and brewed from local partners, Fourth Coast Bakery and Fourth Coast Café. Other items come from farms and food co-ops nearby. It’s vegan-friendly and has an extensive menu that covers breakfast and lunch favorites. Check out its menu options online, then pop in to discover what its 6,379 Facebook fans already know: This place is delicious.


The Electric Cheetah/ Grand Rapids

Cheetahs are known to be fast, but don’t worry if you’re moving a little slow after dining at The Electric Cheetah – the food is so good, you’ll probably want to overeat. Thankfully its bright, retro theme and colorful décor create the perfect setting to indulge in some comfort food. The brunch menu is stacked with cleverly titled options for herbivores, carnivores and everyone in between. If your taste buds are on the savory side, try The Electric Cheetah’s “Ben’s Fancy Bowtie,” a house smoked brisket “benedict” slathered in barbecue. For the sweet-tooth crowd, it offers twists on breakfast classics, such as the “Mojito French Toast” that’s drizzled in a lime-mint marmalade with rum whipped cream and maple syrup.


The Bird & The Bread/ Birmingham

From the menu items to the restaurant venue to the website, this brunch spot screams contemporary and family-friendly. The lighting is excellent for impromptu photo shoots of your meal, so you can fill your Instagram followers with envy – and fill your stomach – all at once. The Bird & The Bread’s brunch menu offers seasonal items, and invents “daily inspired omelets” and “daily inspired quiche” to keep the mystery alive and taste buds alert for guests. It also caters to the occasional picky eaters with a “For the kiddos” section, along with vegetarian or gluten-free options. Even better, you can book a table ahead of time online, so there’s less whining and more dining. A win for the whole family!


Blondie’s Barn/ Haslett 

If you dream of pancakes the size of your plate, it’s time to wake up and smell the hotcakes because they exist – not in your head, but at Blondie’s Barn. This brunch spot is family-owned, and “Blondie” rules the kitchen while her husband is nearby serving up coffee and drinks. It’s a casual joint, with menu items titled after family members or cowboys. With reasonable prices and generous portions, you can fill up for just a few bucks! And its generous spirit carries over to the holidays, when the restaurant annually hosts a free Thanksgiving meal for those with nowhere to go. To salivate over the daily specials, follow Blondie’s Barn on Twitter and Facebook, but visit it in person to get the full effect.


Patisserie Amie/  Traverse City

Discover delectable pastries (and test how much French you retained from high school) at this Traverse City brunch spot, which offers a menu full of “fine French fare.” A town staple since 2005, the majesty of Patisserie Amie’s food has not gone unnoticed by the local community and beyond. In 2013 it was featured in Traverse City Magazine’s “Best Eats” video, but its specials are always changing so be sure to pay the restaurant a visit to see what latest Parisian recipes it has to offer. With a variety of menu items, from les oeufs (eggs) to crepes saveur (flavored crepes), this is a Michigan business that will leave you saying, “merci!”

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