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St. Joseph, MI aerial view

Shoreline Shopping Bliss: Exploring Local Treasures in St. Joseph, Michigan

Found along the scenic shores of Lake Michigan, St. Joseph, Michigan, is a charming lakeside town that combines breathtaking views with a thriving local shopping scene. From the quaint boutiques downtown to the picturesque beach, St. Joseph offers a delightful array of treasures waiting to be discovered.

G & M Variety
307 State St.
Step back in time at G & M Variety, a truly authentic five-and-dime. The aisles, featuring the original hardwood floors, are filled with thousands of items. Ride Sandy the horse, pick out your favorite vintage soda and candy, all while taking a trip down memory lane. 

Bound for Freedom
404 State St.
As a fair trade and social justice boutique in southwest Michigan, Bound for Freedom’s owners have one purpose in mind: to combat and raise awareness of global, local, and national issues of injustice that plague our world today. Every purchase made at B4F directly supports causes and organizations that help others find freedom. A variety of products from candles and notebooks to children’s products, Bound for Freedom has something for everyone!

Lana’s Boutique
400 State St.
Whether you’re looking for a new outfit, accessories or gift items, you’ll be glad you stopped in Lana’s Boutique. As you walk through the door, you’ll find an extensive collection of men and women’s contemporary clothing, shoes, and locally made products. Shop at Lana’s Boutique for an authentic, compassionate, and personalized shopping experience completely dedicated to making you feel beautiful and confident. Lana’s looks to provide unique, boutique styles for all body types, and buy intentionally in small quantities to ensure you stand out among the crowd.

Urban Garage Market
807 Lester Ave.
Urban Garage Market is a specialty boutique offering women’s clothing, accessories, and home decor. Located in a repurposed and renovated “car wash,” Urban Garage Market provides a shopping atmosphere that delivers a diverse selection of products that does not disappoint. From unique jewelry and accessories to whimsical home decor, Urban Garage Market specialists in vintage, modern, and handmade. 

Forte’ Coffee
2045 Niles Rd.
222 State St.
Forté Coffee’s goal is to take you on a journey of discovery. Whether you’re new to specialty coffee or well-roasted, Forte’ specialized in single-origin coffees that will delight you and provide appreciation for the bean. Forte’ picks and processes the finest coffee available and features tea and a bakery, with an item for everyone! 

Forever Books
312 State St.
An independent bookstore in the heart of St. Joseph, Forever Books opened on April Fool’s Day in 1999 as a children’s bookstore. Forever Books is now 60% adult books and 40% children’s books, housed in 1700-square feet. Forever Books has garnered distinction for its customer service and knowledgeable staff, winning the Reader’s Choice Award as the “Best Place to Buy Books in Southwest Michigan” for the last eleven years. The store has been featured on an Oprah Winfrey show book club program, and the store has been nominated twice for the Lucile Micheels Pannell Award for Excellence in Children’s Bookselling. 

St. Joseph, Michigan, invites visitors to explore its local shopping scene, where each store contributes to the town’s unique character and lakeside allure. So, the next time you find yourself captivated by the beauty of Lake Michigan, take a leisurely stroll through St. Joseph’s streets – you might just uncover gems that capture the essence of this lakeside haven.

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